Exposure: Apache Darling

Exposure: Apache Darling

Andrew Black and Stefanie Lawrence

Andrew Black and Stefanie Lawrence talk New Pop, T Break and what comes next

‘Apache’ is taken from the first song one half of the band, Stefanie Lawrence, learned on the guitar, while ‘darling’ relates to what New Yorkers called the duo when they played their first Stateside show. So that clears that up. We interrupt Lawrence as she’s in the process of buying a flat in Glasgow with the other half of the group, Andrew Black, to talk T break, being in a band with your boyfriend and the future.

On their music
We describe ourselves as The New Pop, classic songwriting with analogue synths and vocals. So if you were comparing it to things, think Eurythmics, Cyndi Lauper, Sia, Phoenix. Stuff like that. We are a duo, but we work with a live band. That’s a big part of our sound – we’re a live electronic pop band. It’s got a rock show theme to it.

On T Break
It was amazing. We opened the tent on the Friday. We were a little bit on edge about exactly how busy it was gonna be, but it was brilliant. By the end of the set we had about 300 odd in the tent. It was a great show. I liked the lay-out of it [T in the Park] being smaller. I think that just caters to my laziness.

On working with your boyfriend
It’s a really immersive thing to be around each other all the time. Although we write together, we don’t write in the same room as each other. We tried to write together and it doesn’t work very well cos we’re both really abrasive.

On playing Canada
We did NXNE in Toronto. North American audiences are well up for a party. It had a real underground feel – we played a punk rock club, we played a burlesque bar. It was a step away from what we were doing before. We’d just made the switch from using laptops and tracking to going full live band and at that point we knew we’d made the right decision.

On the future
Who knows? The main thing for us is to go and record again. We’ve had a great year, but it’s been off the back of two tunes. It’s kind of nuts. We’ve got two albums worth of stuff, so we’re planning on a November recording and hopefully we’re gonna be able to record a whole bunch of stuff.

Apache Darling play The Lighthouse Late on Fri 9 Oct at The Lighthouse, Glasgow

The Lighthouse Late

A fabulous celebration of design, music and cinema sprawling across all five floors of The Lighthouse. This time round the night features Edinburgh experimental electro poppers FOUND, synth pop duo Apache Darling, the new formation of Meursault, Supermoon and the noisy, tuneful and triumphant The Spook School. Not content…

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