Steven Moffat reveals death threats from Sherlock fans

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  • 9 September 2015
Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat

'Sherlock' creator Steven Moffat has revealed he's received death threats from crazed fans of the show

Steven Moffat has received death threats from crazed 'Sherlock' fans.

The 53-year-old series creator has revealed he's been subjected to sinister messages from social media users, much like 'Sherlock' stars Martin Freeman and his real-life partner Amanda Abbington, who were recently sent threatening messages by a Benedict Cumberbatch-obsessed fan.

Steven shared: "I've had the threats as well, but I don't know how seriously you can take these things.

"I think you should probably take them reasonably seriously, though. It's got to be sorted out - people can't just go around making these threats."

Martin and Amanda - who also plays his spouse in the BBC drama - informed the police about the abuse they've received from an obsessive female fan of their co-star, and Steven thinks more ought to be done to tackle online abuse.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I think the internet, and things like Twitter and Facebook should be policed a hell of a lot better.

"People making these threats should face the consequences very fast and very severely. Then it will stop."

Among the abusive messages recently sent to the 'Sherlock' stars was one which read: "Both Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are starting to give Benedict and all his fans a bad name! They seriously just need to shut up and f***ing die already!"

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