Suede's new album out in January

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  • 8 September 2015
Suede's Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson

Suede's seventh album 'Night Thoughts' is out in January 2016

Suede will release their next album 'Night Thoughts' in January.

The legendary Britpop band's seventh LP deals with "life, death, love, anguish and despair" and will be accompanied by a full-length feature film to be shown at London's Roundhouse venue on November 13 and 14.

Speaking to, the film's director Roger Sargent said: "The record deals with a lot of familial themes, life, death, love, anguish and despair; themes that are expanded upon in its visual companion, providing a study of how those elements affect the human psyche.

"The film starts with a man drowning in the waters of a deserted beach at night, as he fights for life, his mind plays out the events that lead him to be there."

Suede disbanded in 2003 after poor sales of their fifth record, 'A New Morning' and lead singer Brett Anderson's public battle with drug addiction.

They reformed in 2013 to make new music and tour again but

Brett admitted making a comeback album 'Bloodsports' was no easy feat.

He said: "I felt, before we reformed, that we'd gone off the radar a bit. And when we got back together we reminded people of what we did really well. I think there was a real re-evaulation of Suede as an artistic force.

"With 'Bloodsports' (2013 comeback album), we tried to make it compete with our best ever work. It's very hard doing a comeback album when you haven't made an LP for 10 years, because you can't reinvent yourself - you have to look at what you've done best and solidify that. But it sent out a statement that we can still make great music."

'Night Thoughts' will go on sale January 22.

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