We Are The Monsters (4 stars)

We Are The Monsters

Weird, wonderful and funny introduction to dance

First comes anticipation, then delight, followed by laughter and finally a big dollop of cuteness. That’s pretty much the running order of the audience experience at We Are The Monsters – a clever and imaginative new dance show for young children and their (equally entertained) adults.

The anticipation comes via a stage full of cardboard boxes ripe with potential. Because although they’re motionless at first, it seems a fairly safe bet there’s something lurking inside them. That’s where the delight comes in, when one by one, the ‘monsters’ emerge from the packaging, each more bizarre than the last.

Choreographer Colette Sadler and costume designer Philine Rinnert must have had an absolute blast coming up with the outfits which turn four dancers into the strangest looking monsters ever created. Stretchy Lycra onesies with no arms, padded jackets sewn together and over-sized jeans are just some of the costumes paraded before us, as the characters meet each other cautiously outside their boxes.

The initial sight of them is hilarious, but then their actions keep the laughs coming throughout – until it’s time for the cuteness, when everyone is invited to give them a hug at the end. Gentle, funny and inventive, We Are The Monsters gives young audiences an introduction to movement they’ll probably never forget.

We are the Monsters

Get up close to some monsters – nothing too scary however! Booking is essential.

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