Chortle announces PG Wodehouse Award

Chortle announces PG Wodehouse Award

Nina Stibbe

Bestselling author Nina Stibbe is one of the judges for new comic writing award

What ho, chaps: Chortle, the UK Comedy Guide, has teamed up with the estate of PG Wodehouse to announce a new comic writing award, named aptly if not entirely unpredictably the PG Wodehouse Award.

All you have to do is write a 500-1000 word comic short story or extract and upload it to the Chortle website by Wed 30 Sep, and a panel of judges, consisting of Chortle employees, Random House employees, writer Nina Stibbe (whose memoir Love, Nina was the publishing sensation of 2013) and the Wodehouse estate, will decide whether your work deserves to be garlanded with warm and informed appreciation, or forcibly erased from every hard drive on the planet by someone with administrator privileges.

Before your eyes light up with tiny pound signs at the word 'award', be aware that the prize isn't financial or even publicational: it's a place on a three-day creative writing course from Fri 13–Sun 15 Nov at the luxurious Somerset B&B Studio Farrows. The course features guest speaker Jem Roberts, author of Douglas Adams' official biography and, like Adams, a noted Wodehouse expert. Now, experts aside, we can see that, if not exactly disgruntled, you are far from being gruntled, but Studio Farrows is really very nice (it even has an outdoor pool), the course itself would cost you £425 if you had to pay for it, and any award named after the greatest comic writer of the 20th century can only look good on your CV.

The occasion for this award, since you ask, is that a 100th anniversary edition of Wodehouse's 1915 novel Something Fresh, with an introduction by Nina Stibbe, is coming out in October. Something Fresh, besides being the first of Wodehouses's Blandings novels, is also the book in which its author, in the course of introducing his hero to his heroine, laid down the basic structure of the Meet Cute: he's doing exercises in public, she's looking out the window, sees him and laughs at him, and then a few minutes later knocks on his door to apologise. You can thank us later for that tidbit, since you have work to do. Go and be funny. No pressure.

The deadline for entries for the inaugural PG Wodehouse Award is Wed 30 Sep.

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