Paul Hollywood 'embarrassed' to be sex symbol

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  • 4 September 2015
Paul Hollywood

Paul Hollywood

Paul Hollywood has admitted he gets embarrassed when his female fans leer at him in public and claimed he can't understand why he's a sex symbol because he's just a "normal fat bloke"

Paul Hollywood is "embarrassed" by his sex symbol status.

The 'Great British Bake Off' judge has claimed he can't understand why he's the focus of so many female viewers' affections because he sees himself as a "normal fat bloke".

Admitting he finds it uncomfortable when fans leer at him in public, Paul shared: "It's very flattering - but I'm just a normal fat bloke from the north.

"I find it embarrassing just going to a swimming pool, because I get stared at.

"I can't even walk into a fast-food shop without it happening. I'm still not used to it."

The 49-year-old silver fox - who reunited with wife Alexandra last year following his affair with his US co-star Marcela Valladolid - revealed he likes to take rides on his motorbike to escape being recognised and loves popping to fellow judge Mary Berry's house for a brew.

He told The Sun newspaper: "Riding my bike is a real form of escapism for me - when I put my helmet on and my visor goes down, I'm in my own little world. It's a nice place to be.

"If I'm in London or passing her house, I'll pop in and see her.

"We can usually be found sitting drinking cups of tea.

"We have a huge respect for each other, which comes across on camera. It's affection."

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