Dinosaur Zoo sets off on UK-wide tour

Kids preview: Dinosaur Zoo

Puppetry brings our favourite extinct animals back to life

The creatures themselves may have been extinct for over 60 million years, but Dinosaur Zoo still calls itself a ‘live animal presentation’, much like the ones in ordinary zoos or wildlife parks. Information on how to look after the prehistoric beasts, what to feed them, and how to avoid becoming food yourself, are all part of this popular show.

Presented by a host and two puppeteers, Dinosaur Zoo relies heavily on audience participation, with youngsters invited on stage to help the keepers. ‘That’s actually my favourite part of the show,’ says director, Scott Wright, ‘because it’s unrehearsed. People's reactions are very real and unpredictable, so it makes for some wonderful moments.’

Those too timid (or too far from the stage) to get involved during the show, can stay behind for a ‘meet and greet’, where you can stroke the creatures and pose for selfies. But despite the friendly approach, Barney the dinosaur this most certainly isn’t.

‘I find the commercialisation of dinosaurs perplexing,’ says Wright. ‘So none of our dinosaurs speak, wear clothes or teach children to count. But we hope Dinosaur Zoo imparts some valued lessons about the true nature of animal behaviour, whilst having some fun and a good laugh too.’

Dinosaur Zoo

Dinosaurs aren't extinct! They're just hiding out on the other side of the world. Dinosaur Zoo takes its Jurassic creations on tour with an opportunity for children to get right up close.

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