Gary Beadle's fashion faux-pas

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  • 3 September 2015
Gary and Lillie

Gary Beadle with girlfriend Lillie Gregg

'Geordie Shore' star Gary Beadle is no fashionista. His girlfriend Lillie Gregg revealed he's 'horrendous' with choosing clothes

Gary 'Gaz' Beadle "has not got a clue" about fashion.

Lillie Lexie Gregg, 23, has been dating the 'Geordie Shore' star for over a year now and she's claimed that although he's good at dressing himself, he has no idea when it comes to women's fashion.

Speaking at the launch of her fashion brand Lily-Beau at the London Designer Exchange in London, Lillie exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Gary is amazing when it comes down to business but fashion, he has not got a clue! He is horrendous. He always tells me I look nice and he likes everything I wear but he wouldn't have a clue. I don't even look to him for fashion advice!

"We go shopping but I would pick everything for both of us. He does have certain ideas, there is certain things I'll put on and he'll say, 'Oh I really like that'. But fashion is definitely not his forte.

"Gary would be happy to wear joggers and a t-shirt every day. He likes to just be comfortable and that's all Gary cares about."

Lillie - who was introduced to Gaz's co-stars including his former flame Charlotte Crosby on the last series of the MTV show - insisted she has no plans to appear on the show on a regular basis.

She explained: "I think that's Gary's thing and as long as people know who I am and that Gary has got a girlfriend, then that's all they need. I don't think a relationship should be too invaded. But who knows."

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