Tom DeLonge hasn't spoken to Blink-182 since he quit

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  • 2 September 2015
Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge has revealed he hasn't spoken to his former Blink-182 bandmates Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus since he quit the group earlier this year

Tom DeLonge hasn't spoken to his former bandmates since he quit Blink-182.

The 39-year-old rocker has confessed he hasn't been in touch with drummer Travis Barker and bassist Mark Hoppus since he decided to quit the band earlier this year.

He said: "We haven't spoken since all that s**t's gone down - but that's not un-normal. The Rolling Stones would go three years without talking to each other, then Mick [Jagger] and Keith [Richards] would be hugging and saying, 'F**k I missed you'. It's just how it works."

Although Tom has no plans to reunite with his fellow 'I Miss You' hitmakers anytime soon, he hasn't ruled out rejoining the band altogether.

He told NME magazine: "For me it's always a scheduling thing. At this period of my life, I have these 10 things that I'm doing. And the 10 things are very important to me and what I'm very passionate about right now - but i did this band thing for 25 years, so, give me a second, y'know! It's hard to be in a band because everyone's got different lives and priorities and if they don't match up, people get really angry and people get hurt and people get suspicious and that's myself included. That difficulty is what makes bands have an edge and have something to say. That's why Blink-182 works. If we were all hunky dory, it wouldn't be the same."

DeLonge - who is releasing the EP '...Of Nightmares' with his band Angels & Airwaves later this week - admitted he thinks Blink-182 will get back into the studio when the time is right.

He added: "It has to map up with everybody's life. I think if all the roads that we're travelling connect at the same intersection, which is usually a location and a date, then we're good."

However, Hoppus and Barker replaced DeLonge with Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba earlier this year and announced plans to record new music with him.

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