Student Guide 2015: Big screen bargains

Student Guide 2015: Big screen bargains

credit: Stuart Crawford

Who says going to the cinema has to be expensive? We reveal the best way to save on cinema outings

Student life is financially exhausting at times. But if you’re one of those incurable film lovers, why not take advantage of the cheap tickets and deals made especially for you by some of the best venues in Edinburgh and Glasgow? Right in the heart of the capital you can find the Cameo Cinema, which will normally charge you £9 per ticket (£8 before 5pm and £6 on Mondays), but also offers an annual student membership for only £15, including two free tickets, up to £2 discount on film tickets for a year and 10% discount on food and drink. The Filmhouse can be a bit more generous though, offering matinee tickets for £5.70 (Mon–Thu) or £4 (Fri), and evening/weekend screenings for £7.20 for students. In the long-term, you can always choose their £30 annual package, which includes £1.50 off ticket prices and a 10% discount on DVDs, merchandising, food and drink. They sometimes have student offers on membership at the start of the year too, so look out for details of that at your local freshers fair.

In the multiplex world, Cineworld’s Unlimited Card is the most appealing treat out there: for a set price of £16.90 per month, you can watch all the movies you want, as many times as you want, and even get 10% discount on all in-cinema food and drink. There are also plenty of bargains to keep an eye on for those living near the Glasgow Film Theatre. A standard student ticket costs £7, but if you’re aged between 15 and 21 years old, the Youth Card will give you access to the best and most recent films for only £4.50 (not to mention 20% off food).

Vue Cinemas offer a standard student discount, but their Super Tuesday deal is even more irresistible: you can get a third off the standard ticket and all you have to do is fill in an online form. Odeon is also known for its bargain Tuesdays. However, a standard 2D ticket costs either £5 (off peak) or £6 (peak) and you're not charged any booking fees if you do it online. In Glasgow’s Odeon, specifically, there’s also a new (and terrifying) experience coming your way for a modest cost: on the last Friday night of every month, for a flat rate of £5, there will be a horror film screening, but you’ll only know which one it is when the title appears on screen.

Don't forget to check out your university film society too. Throughout the year, you can count on plenty of affordable film screenings hosted by the likes of Edinburgh University FilmSoc, Napier University Film Society and Glasgow University’s SCREENS, among others.