Student Guide 2015: Shut Up and Dance

Student Guide 2015: Shut Up and Dance

Sub Club

From chart to obscure techno, Glasgow and Edinburgh's club scenes cater to every dancer's taste. Rosie Davies reveals our essential student clubber's guide.


Something for Everyone
The Garage
Like cockroaches, The Garage has been and will be here until the end of time. Proudly open 365 days a year, it’s a big, cheap, reliable, three-floored, six-room affair with enough different bars and dancefloors to cater for the sort of massive raucous groups only first years hang around in, as well as the obligatory foam parties. Think of this as your town centre student union.
496 Sauchiehall Street,

Credible Fun
The Buff Club
A midway point between your union and the sort of clubs you hear about on the news, Buff offers a laid-back, amicable night out which doesn’t take itself too seriously yet is home to some seriously good local DJs. Mid-week nights each neatly cater for a different genre of music, so you’ll find your niche – and a sense of community – quickly.
142 Bath Lane,

Serious Clubbing
Sub Club
If you’re serious about either house or techno, you will and must go to Sub Club, Glasgow’s deservedly world-renowned bunker of debauched, cutting-edge electronic cool. Regular Tuesday night i AM is the perfect introduction, offering cheaper drinks and entry prices without compromising on quality of guests or width of minds.
Jamaica Street, Glasgow,

Off The Beaten Track
For those who like their post-midnight socialising to take place down long alleyways under damp railway arches next to a dark motorway – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? - SWG3 is a real gem, hosting a real variety of DJs from big name EDM to more niche house and disco to hard techno in an atmospherically industrial setting.
100 Eastvale Place,


Something For Everyone
Edinburgh University Student Union
A big hand must go to the biggest night at the union, The Big Cheese, which does shameless pop and cheap drinks every Saturday better than any other joint in town. Perfect for those keen on a no-frills night out with tunes they know and chips on the way home.
The Venue, Potterrow,

Credible Fun
Cabaret Voltaire
Mixing solid local DJ talent with bigger names imported from Europe, this is one of the capital’s best known and prime spots for a good time. It’s got enough novelty perks to satisfy the less musically-driven clubbers – guestlist, private booths, queue-skip drinks packages – but enough of a basement vibe and hefty soundsystem to make everyone feel they’ve had a proper night out.
36-38 Blair Street,

Serious Clubbing
Sneaky Pete’s
A tiny, rammed little haven for people who really like their music and appreciate an open-minded space for dancing. Student-friendly enough to be ‘open and busy every night’, with excellent mid-week regulars, their diary is also spotted with big name guests when the place becomes a brilliant, buzzing sweatbox.
73 Cowgate,

Off The Beaten Track
Pop-up club nights
If you want a really special time in and around Edinburgh after dark, your best bet is to keep your ears to the ground in terms of one-off, pop-ups and good old fashioned raves. Some of the best parties are the impromptu ones which make the most of the city’s weird, dark spaces and beautiful open air nooks. Good luck – and let us know if you hear anything.

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