This Morning gets a pet dog

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  • 1 September 2015
Holly and Phillip with new puppy

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield with new puppy

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were joined today (01.09.15) on 'This Morning' for the first time by an 11-week-old puppy who is training to be a guide dog and is now the daytime TV show's resident dog

'This Morning' now has a resident dog.

The ITV show aired today (01.09.15) with a fresh new studio look and host Holly Willoughby even returned from her year-long maternity leave, but the biggest change was unveiled by Phillip Schofield who introduced a Golden Labrador puppy as the daytime TV show's first ever pet.

As Phillip walked on set with the adorable mutt in his arms, Holly gushed: "Are you joking? Is she staying! I started a campaign before to get a dog and now we've gone and go one!"

The cute canine is just 11-weeks-old and was found through charity Guide Dogs For The Blind.

She'll stay on set whilst she undergoes training to become a fully fledged guide dog and a representative from the charity said it will be a "great" experience for her.

Jay George told the excited hosts: "What's particular about this puppy is her confidence and the level of intelligence she has shown. The great thing about being in the studio is that it's something she hasn't experienced and it will teach her to deal with the unexpected which is what guide dogs have to do when they're fully trained.

"Her puppy walker will be on hand to support you. She'll eat four times a day. She'll have her own playpen on the set so if she's sleeping in there we wouldn't disturb her."

Holly and Phillip have now called on viewers to name the new addition to the 'This Morning' family.

Holly said: "She's absolutely beautiful and she's going to be with us for a bit and also we're going to ask you at home to name her."

Phillip added: "It's got to be two syllables and not a name that sounds like a command or a confusing sort of name. It is your chance to name our pup!"

Entries had to be submitted by 12:30pm today and the best five are due to be announced on tomorrow's show (02.09.15).

A public vote to choose the winning name will close on Thursday (03.09.15).

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