Owen Wilson: Nothing compares to Pierce Brosnan's following

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  • 28 August 2015
Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson found it surreal being on the set of 'No Escape' with former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan because "nothing compares" to the amount of fans he attracted

Owen Wilson was distracted by "James Bond walking around" on the set of 'No Escape' with Pierce Brosnan.

The 46-year-old actor admitted that when the former Bond star was spotted by fans in Thailand "nothing compared" to the level of attention he received, even though Owen has "a little bit of a Thai following" himself.

Asked if anyone knows who he is in the country, he said: "Yeah, I did have a little bit of a Thai following, but when Pierce showed up, it was nothing compared to that. You can't help but think: 'Here's James Bond walking around.'"

The new action-thriller movie is about a businessman [Owen] who is trapped in a war zone with his family and during the filming of dangerous scenes, he felt like Thailand handled things "a little be more loosely" than during his films in the US.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "Well, we had an American assistant director and a Thai one, who would address the Thai crew. The American AD would explain the stunt that was occurring, talk for five minutes, then hand over to his Thai counterpart. He'd literally say a couple of words and he was done.

"You'd think 'There's not way he said all that information ...' So there is that feeling in Thailand that things are a little bit more loose."

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