Daniel Craig: I wanted to fall at Desmond Tutu's feet

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 August 2015
Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

'Spectre' star Daniel Craig has admitted he wanted to fall at the feet of Desmond Tutu on a recent flight to New York - but was overcome with nerves

Daniel Craig wanted to fall at the feet of Desmond Tutu on a flight to New York - but was too intimated.

The 47-year-old actor - who 's best known for playing the iconic secret agent James Bond - has revealed he recently found himself on the same plane as the South African social rights activist and award-winning singer Alicia Keys, yet was too overcome with nerves to approach either one of them.

He recalled: "On a flight to New York recently, Alicia Keys and Desmond Tutu were on the plane. I didn't go up to them.

"I smiled at Alicia Keys, but I couldn't look Desmond Tutu in the eye. I wanted to go up to him and fall at his feet. It was one of those situations where I blew it completely."

Daniel admitted he was tempted to follow in the footsteps of his own fans by taking a picture with the famous pair while they were asleep, but reasoned it'd be "creepy".

He told DuJour magazine: "That happens to me so often, you wake up to a phone in your face and you go, 'What the f**k!'

"So creepy! Which I call out: 'That's fucking creepy!'"

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