Comedy preview: Frisky & Mannish – Just Too Much

Comedy preview: Frisky & Mannish – Just Too Much

Pop-comedy mash-ups from Corcoran and Jones

For those who think that the comedy world is merely folks holding onto a mic while hanging on to their nerves as they proceed to tell jokes, stories and puns, Frisky & Mannish are the kind of act who dispel all such myths. For one thing, there’s their own description of their shtick: it’s a (deep breath) ‘popmusicy, seriocomic, mashparodic, stereophonic, LOUD, vaudevillian, sketchcabaret, throwback, current, oldfangled, newfashioned, bapsbotty infotainment’. Well, it simply has to be in the comedy genre as the Fringe programme hasn’t invented a section with that name just yet.

Formed in 2008, legend has it that F&M tore the roof off a friend’s fundraising gig with four musical pastiches they’d knocked up on the hoof and the rest is contracted musical-comedy history. Their new hour, Just Too Much, is believed to be ‘packed tighter than Robin Thicke’s crotchal region’ which bears little thinking about. Frisky (Laura Corcoran) and Mannish (Matthew Floyd Jones) claim to be all grown-up with a barely-conscious recoupling which marks the beginning of a new pop-comedy era. Bold claims, people.

Òran Mór, Glasgow, Mon 21 Sep

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