Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan want to have kids

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  • 25 August 2015
Mark and Michelle

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright has revealed he and his wife Michelle Keegan would "like to have kids" but not "any time soon"

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan would "like to have kids".

The couple - who got married in May - have hinted they have discussed the idea of starting a family together, although they are not keen to have a child any time soon because of their hectic schedules.

Mark explained: "We'd like to have kids - touch wood - but we're not planning babies for any time soon."

The 28-year-old hunk couldn't help but gush about the former 'Coronation Street' actress, also 28, as he spoke about his family, insisting she is "the perfect girl" and they feel extremely happy together in their shared home.

He said: "It's an amazing feeling to know I've married the perfect girl. I just feel so settled. It's lovely."

The former 'Strictly Come Dancing' star insisted he doesn't have any stand-out memory from their stunning wedding day though, as it was such an amazing day from beginning to end.

He told HELLO! magazine: "I genuinely couldn't tell you my strongest memory. I remember all of it perfectly."

And while they are both busy with their own burgeoning careers, especially as they recently took a trip to the US to explore the international opportunities available to them, they always try to make time to be together.

Mark added: "We do try to make time together when I'm working abroad - we had a break in Palma where I was DJing."

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