Tim Reis - CD review (2 stars)

Tim Reis

The Rolling Stones Project (Concord Records)


New York jazzman Tim Reis has been playing saxophone with The Rolling Stones since 1999, and has used that experience as the launching point for jazz arrangements of ten Jagger/Richards tunes, recorded in different times and places with a galaxy of big names on board (including Keith, Ronnie and Charlie, as well as Sheryl Crow and Norah Jones).

He has retained the melodies pretty much intact in each case, but devised different settings, grooves and tempos (‘Honky Tonk Woman’ as a soul jazz organ trio and in ‘Keith’s version’, for example, or ‘Street Fighting Man’ with a Brazilian groove), some of which work better than others. The results are more than just a cash-in on his association with the band, but sound pallid against the originals in every case. I can’t agree with the saxophonist that they make good vehicles for jazz treatments, or hear very much point in the whole project.

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