Alexander O'Neal was asked to leave Celebrity Big Brother

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  • 23 August 2015
Alexander O'Neal

Alexander O'Neal

Alexander O'Neal says he did not walk out but was asked to leave 'Celebrity Big Brother' following his rows with Perez Hilton

Alexander O'Neal claims he was asked to leave 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The 'Never Knew Love Like This' hitmaker shocked fans when he appeared to 'walk out' of the house after a heated argument with Perez Hilton but he now alleges it was by "mutual agreement" between himself and Big Brother.

He said: "I never walked out. When I had my row with Perez that day, Big Brother called me up to the diary room and said 'We think it's time for you to leave. We don't want you to stay and shoot yourself in the foot'.

"So we came to a mutual agreement and they said they would pay my full fee. But they said 'We don't want you to say anything about this to anybody until the series is over'.

"I didn't want to go. I was never going to quit and I didn't quit. They said it was time for me to go. People think I walked out. My housemates know I didn't walk out. I want to talk about this now."

And the 61-year-old singer says he would have made the 37-year-old celebrity blogger's life a "holy hell" if he had stayed in the house.

He added to the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: "Big Brother wasn't going to be able to control what was going to happen between me and Perez.

"I was getting ready to make his life a holy hell. So they requested I should go."

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