Spencer Matthews quits Made in Chelsea

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  • 22 August 2015
Spencer and his girlfriend Lauren

Spencer Matthews and Lauren Hutton

Spencer Matthews and Stevie Johnson have quit 'Made in Chelsea', with Spencer set to start his own programme which will show his "funny" side

Spencer Matthews and Stevie Johnson have quit 'Made in Chelsea'.

The stars of the E4 reality show have both decided to leave the show, with Spencer planning on creating his own programme which he hopes people will be "surprised" by.

A source said: "Spencer has had a brilliant time on 'Made In Chelsea' but this is his time to go.

"He is currently in the process of making his own reality programme which is going to be very funny.

"It's like nothing that's ever been seen before and people will be surprised."

The 26-year-old hunk - who was one of just a few original cast members remaining - will finish shooting scenes for the show's 10th series before leaving, but decided to quit because he was sick of being portrayed as a womaniser, now he has settled down with his girlfriend Lauren Hutton.

The source added: "He's had to face a lot of stick for being a ladies' man but now it's time for people to see a different side of Spencer."

And while fans will be disappointed to see him leave, 27-year-old Stevie revealed he is also bowing out of the show because he believes he doesn't have much to give anymore.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "After an incredible 3 years, I am stepping down from my role on Made In Chelsea.

"I cannot offer the show as much as I used to."

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