Callum Logan to get his 'comeuppance'

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  • 21 August 2015
Callum gets his 'comeuppance'

Callum gets his 'comeuppance'

'Coronation Street' actor Sean Ward has revealed his character Callum Logan is to get his "comeuppance" when Jason Grimshaw's dad Tony Stewart attacks him

Callum Logan is to get his "comeuppance" on 'Coronation Street'.

Sean Ward - who plays Callum in the ITV soap - has revealed his evil character will finally get a taste of his own medicine when Tony Stewart (Terence Maynard) attacks him for beating up his son Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas).

Sean said: "Callum will at last get his comeuppance for what he did to Jason!

"It's what everyone has been waiting for, and it had to come from someone with genuine power who could realistically scare Callum - I don't think it could have been David [Platt]."

Jason tells Tony from his hospital bed that he thinks Callum is responsible for what happened to him and, in a bid to make up for being absent for most of his son's life, Tony seeks revenge.

Sean, 27, added to Inside Soap magazine: "Jason tells his dad that he thinks it was Callum who beat him up. Because Tony feels he's not been there enough for Jason, he takes the opportunity to step up to the plate. He stands up for his son by taking revenge on Callum."

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