Gemma Collins blames The Only Way Is Essex for weight gain

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  • 20 August 2015
Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins has insisted she finds it so hard to shift unwanted weight because she was also so stressed when starring in 'The Only Way Is Essex'

Gemma Collins blames 'The Only Way Is Essex' for her weight gain.

The 34-year-old reality star - who recently quit the ITVBe show that made her famous - finds filming "stressful" and claims it stops her from sticking to her diet.

She said: "I'm a size 20 at the minute. I did get down to an 18 but filming stresses me out so much that I start putting on weight again."

And the fashion designer also admitted she doesn't spend much time with her 'TOWIE' co-stars when not filming.

Asked if she hangs out with the rest of the cast, she said: "Not all of them - they're like work colleagues.

"I love them all dearly but I have two businesses and a lot going on."

Gemma also slammed claims she is a diva, insisting that being older than most of the 'TOWIE' cast means she is more confident about speaking her mind.

She told Woman's Own magazine: "You've got to remember some of what we do is for entertainment.

"I'm not a diva. I'm older now and people don't like that I'm upfront with them, I give a direct and straight answer. That's not being a diva, that's because I know my mind, which I think is a good thing.

"A lot of people on the show are in their early twenties, so they haven't got the confidence to speak up.

"A diva is somebody who flounces about demanding this that and the other and that's not me at all."

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