BGT's Bailey McConnell moves fans to tears

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  • 19 August 2015
Bailey McConnell

Bailey McConnell new single 'Crystalise' makes fans cry

'Britain's Got Talent' star Bailey McConnell has seen fans break down and cry after hearing his music and relating to his battle with depression

'Britain's Got Talent' star Bailey McConnell's debut single has made his fans cry.

The 16-year-old musician's new single tackles his journey through depression and self-harm and now the rising star - who is an ambassador for mental health charity Young Minds - says that fans "break down" in front of him because they relate to his story.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "People have said that my songs have helped them but it's become more prominent since I've shown people 'Crystalise'.

"It happens a lot in meet and greets when I'm meeting fans, and they literally break down in front of me and tell me that I've helped them through so much. It proper gets to me, it gives me a punch in the heart. It feels amazing to know that I've done that for one person, like I can make that person feel a lot better through my music and that's what I want to carry on doing."

Bailey - who also made judge Amanda Holden cry with his performance on the ITV talent show last year and had the backing of music boss Simon Cowell - has a few words of advice for anyone going through depression.

He added: "The main thing, and it sounds really cliche, is you've just got to tell someone. It will seem hard at the time, because you think it's embarrassing. But I went through it and I know exactly how people feel. You feel worthless, insecure or embarrassed that people will laugh and just be like 'shake it off'. Which does happen. Some teachers, they'll be like they can't be a**ed to deal with it, and they think it's a lot less than it actually is, when it can be quite big."

Bailey McConnell is currently touring the UK, and his debut single Crystalise is out on September 11 - available to pre-order here:

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