Tom Bradby tries to save suicidal man

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  • 17 August 2015
Tom Bradby

Tom Bradby

Tom Bradby took to his Twitter account to explain how he jumped into a harbour in Greece in an attempt to save a man who committed suicide

Tom Bradby tried to save a man who committed suicide.

The ITV journalist took to his Twitter account yesterday (16.08.15) to reveal he'd jumped into a Greek harbour in an attempt to save an old man who tragically killed himself.

He wrote: "Just watched an elderly man commit suicide in Greece by driving his car off the harbour wall in Rafina.

"Dived in, tried to help, couldn't get him out. Completely shocking."

The 'Agenda' host - who is on holiday with his family - claimed that although a number of police officers and other law enforcement agents witnessed the incident, he was one of few people who tried to help the man.

Tom, 48, added: "Of the 9 or 10 customs officials and police on the quay only 1 went in to try and get him out as the car sank. The rest watched. Jesus...

"Am shaking with shock and anger. So much for the Greek holiday trade being business as usual."

The Rafina Port Authority in Greece has confirmed a man died after his car went off the wall and while a spokeswoman said the incident took place at around 4.30pm local time, she refused to give any further details.

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