Cilla died from 'traumatic head injury'

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  • 14 August 2015
Cilla Black

Cilla Black

Cilla Black died from a "traumatic head injury due to a fall", according to coroner Andre Rebello who presided over her inquest in Liverpool today (14.08.15)

Cilla Black died from a "traumatic head injury due to a fall".

The inquest into the 'Blind Date' and 'Surprise Surprise' host's death was held in Liverpool this afternoon (14.07.15) and coroner Andre Rebello concluded that while she may have suffered a stroke, this was caused by her hitting her head after she fell at her holiday home in Spain.

He said: "I make the following findings. The medical cause of death is traumatic head injury due to a fall.

"She died from a traumatic head injury, being certified at 6.30pm the same day. The evidence points to only one conclusion, that she died from an accidental death, that being the fall that resulted in the traumatic head injury.

"She had fallen and she had struck her head and the traumatic head injury which had ensued had resulted in her death. She was certified as having died by emergency services at 6.10pm. The fall itself was unwitnessed."

The 'Anyone Who Had A Heart' singer was found by her and her late husband Bobby Willis' eldest son Robert at "5.30pm on August 1".

Meanwhile, it's also been revealed that Cilla - who also had sons Ben and Jack with Bobby - wanted to be remembered primarily for her music career rather than her presenting roles.

Her spokesperson Nick Fiveash said: "The boys are doing everything following her wishes.

"What I know as her friend and her publicist for the last 20 years is she always said she wanted to be buried and she wanted on her headstone, 'Here lies Cilla the singer'.

"If you read interviews over the years, there was always a bit where she used to say 'I don't want to put down my TV presenting career but I have always thought of myself first and foremost as a singer'."

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