Jennifer Lopez's labour work

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  • 28 March 2008

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez was decorating her babies' nursery just two hours before she gave birth.

The Latino star - who had twins Max and Emme by Caesarean section last month - wouldn't rush off when she went into labour because she wanted everything to be perfect.

Jennifer's husband Marc Anthony said: "An hour before we go to the hospital, she's decorating the bedroom downstairs, making sure the carpet is in, rearranging the furniture. I said, 'Honey, you're going to give birth in two hours.' And she's like, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, but that chair in the corner…' I said, 'Baby, we have to go.' "

Jennifer accepts she is a perfectionist and wants her children to be proud of their mother.

She explained: "That's my way. I want my babies to be proud of me. Maybe I'll do a triathlon next."

Jennifer, 38, has now vowed to ease up on her work commitments because motherhood is the biggest priority in her life now.

She said: "I've been very career-orientated my whole life and very focused on my own world and all of a sudden the focus just shifts. It's like, whoosh! I want to do everything for them."

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Jennifer Lopez

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