Lauren Goodger hasn't watched The Only Way is Essex 'for years'

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  • 14 August 2015
Lauren and Jake with Fur Afters

Lauren Goodger and Jake McLean with Fur Afters

Lauren Goodger hasn't watched 'The Only Way is Essex' "for years" despite the fact she says she's "still a fan"

Lauren Goodger hasn't watched 'The Only Way is Essex' "for years".

The 28-year-old star departed the ITVBe reality show in 2012 and hasn't watched it much since she left, despite being pals with numerous cast members when she starred in the programme.

Asked if she tunes in to the show, she told BANG Showbiz: "I've seen bits and pieces in the press, but no, not really. I haven't watched it for years, it's not the same is it?"

Lauren, who was one of the original cast members in 2010 continued to suggest it has gone downhill since she left as they aren't picky about who joins.

She said: "I think that there's always room for reality stuff, it's a guilty pleasure isn't it for people, really? It's never going to die down, even though people say it's changed. Yes, anyone can be on that show now. It's not really what it used to be, but it's easy to watch and it's light-hearted fun."

However, the 'new! Magazine' columnist - who has teamed up with Foxy Bingo for the release of their new chocolate body paint Fur Afters, along with her boyfriend Jake McLean - was quick to insist she still supports the show.

She added: "I'm definitely still a fan and I definitely still support them because I started it five years ago, so it's nice to see them still cracking on."

The former-reality star's revelations come just after Mario Falcone announced he has become the latest member of the cast to decide to quit, but Lauren doesn't think that the ever-changing cast signals the end of the BAFTA-award winning show.

She said: "The cast will always change, there's always going to be new people coming and going."

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