Dame Maggie Smith 'surprised' she made it to the end of Downton Abbey

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  • 13 August 2015
Maggie Smith as Dowager Countess of Grantham

Dame Maggie Smith in 'Downton Abbey'

Dame Maggie Smith has admitted she's "surprised" she lived long enough to be able to star in the sixth and final series of 'Downton Abbey'

Dame Maggie Smith is "surprised" she lived long enough to star in the final series of 'Downton Abbey'.

The 80-year-old actress - who plays Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham in the hit ITV period drama - has joked that she never thought she'd make it to the end of the show.

Speaking at a screening of the first episode of the sixth and final series at The May Fair Hotel in London, she said: "I'm just surprised I have got to the end. Because just before this, which was six years ago, I had done about ten years with 'Harry Potter', so I felt very old indeed by the time I got to the Dowager.

"So I am just very surprised I got through it and I am still here."

The 'Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' star also confessed she's never actually watched 'Downton' and is looking forward to putting her feet up and watching the box sets.

Asked what she has planned for the near future, Dame Maggie shared: "I'm going to be lying down, for quite some time.

"And the other thing I will be doing is watching it. I'll get the box sets and have a good look ... I certainly haven't watched anything that I've been in. I have seen some of it but I want to sit down and look at it all."

And despite admitting she's ready for some time off, the 'Harry Potter' actress added that she would definitely consider reprising her role in the 'Downton Abbey' movie, if it goes ahead.

She added: "A film? Yes. My wig has been around for a long time so I am not sure it will be around, but hopefully I will be. The wig is more tired than I am. But a film would be fun."

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