Chris Evans auctioning Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car

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  • 13 August 2015
Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Chris Evans is auctioning his Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car alongside 12 other models including a rare 1966 Ferrari 275

Chris Evans is auctioning his Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car.

The 'Top Gear' host is putting a replica of the 1936 car, which was used in the 1968 movie, up for sale alongside another 12 cars from his collection.

It is thought the car could fetch around £350,000, with his rare 1966 Ferrari 275, another model being auctioned, expected to take well in excess of £2.5 million.

The 49-year-old presenter will also be auctioning off 140 other memorabilia, with proceeds being donated to the BBC's Children in Need charity.

Meanwhile, Chris reportedly told a pal he "wouldn't touch 'Top Gear' with a barge pole".

Noel Edmonds said: "It's interesting. I was a guest on Chris's boat at the Monaco Grand Prix and we had a chat. Chris said he wouldn't touch Top Gear with a barge pole. He said how tired he was, and he did look tired. And so I was stunned when within weeks he not only had shown interest but accepted the job. I just hope he's not taking on too much. He's a brilliant talent.

"He's also a mercurial talent in a Kenny Everett and Clarkson mould. He will need to be managed and supported otherwise he could just burn out and make some shocking mistake."

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