The Scottish Coast and Islands: dramatic wonders

From 2015 Edinburgh film festival closing film Iona to Clare Balding's Seven Wonders of the Commonwealth

The Coast and Islands


Around 50 miles east of Edinburgh, you’ll find St Abb’s Head, a coastal nature reserve that’s a dramatic rocky habitat for thousands of seabirds. It’s featured in many nature documentaries, and has even drawn the attention of Sir David Attenborough.

Off the west coast lies the beautiful small island of Iona, which recently featured in Scottish filmmaker Scott Graham’s movie of the same name. Alongside it is the tiny island of Staffa, home to Fingal’s Cave, which has inspired many artists over the years. Staffa too has featured in several nature documentaries, including the BBC’s Coast.

Recently, presenter Clare Balding visited as part of the series Seven Wonders of the Commonwealth.

St Abb’s Head, Scottish Borders, TD14 5QF
Iona, Inner Hebrides, PA76
Staffa National Nature Reserve, Inner Hebrides, PA67 6DG

St Abb's Head National Nature Reserve

Ranger's Cottage, Northfield, Eyemouth, Scottish Borders, TD14 5QF

St Abb's Head is a National Nature Reserve and important site for cliff-nesting seabirds from May to August. Visitors can watch them wheeling and diving in countless numbers below the high cliffs here on the edge of the North Sea. The 90m high cliffs…


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