Jack Whitehall's 'James Bond' lesson

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  • 13 August 2015
Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall

Comedic-actor Jack Whitehall worked with a stunt coordinator, who had advised on all the James Bond films while filming 'Fresh Meat'

Jack Whitehall was trained by James Bond's stunt-coordinator in 'Fresh Meat'.

The 27-year-old comedian played the hapless university student J.P. in the popular Channel 4 show set in Manchester and confessed he found it hard to take instructions from the fight expert seriously because he was wearing "fake breasts".

When asked what his favourite scene out of the show's 24 episodes was, he quipped: "Fighting Joe Thomas (who plays Kingsley) dressed as a Hooters waitress and suffocating him with my fake breasts. We had to rehearse it with a stunt coordinator, who had worked on all the James Bond films. He was deadly serious, giving advice on how to sell a punch - all with me in a blonde wig and fake breasts."

The comedic actor - who is set to star in a movie adaptation of his hit TV comedy series 'Bad Education' to be released this summer - has come a long way from his days as a kid playing dress-up at home with the grandparents.

Quizzed on his fifth birthday party, he told The Guardian newspaper: "It was pirate themed and I made my grandparents dress up as sailors. I still have photos of my poor granddad in a tight striped T-shirt, looking like a geriatric waiter at PizzaExpress."

Jack can be seen in cinemas from August 21 as Alfie Wickers in 'Bad Education Movie'.

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