Friends Festival: Comedy Central event coming to London

Friends Festival: Comedy Central event coming to London

How you doin'? Better after a 'Central Perk' coffee and a splash in the famous fountain at FriendsFest, we bet

London, baby! Thanks to Comedy Central, everybody's favourite overplayed sitcom is getting its very own festival in the city, complete with Central Perk coffee and that big orange sofa we all stared at for most of the 90s.

FriendsFest will take place at Brick Lane’s Boiler House in Wed 16--Sun 20 Sep, and features a whole host of props, including Joey's Lay-Z boy recliners, and replica sets such as a full-scale version of Monica's apartment. In fact, our very own alternative working title for the event is 'The One Where All Friends Fans Pick Up Props and Shout We Were On a Break Loudly For a Few Days'.

There's also a place where you can get your hair snipped into 'The Rachel' (though that's so last decade) and just incase you've somehow missed the show that's basically on every television screen always and forever, there's a special area dedicated to re-runs.

It's already sold out online, but hey – if Phoebe could get those Sting tickets, anything's possible. Ross can.

Comedy Central's FriendsFest

Even years after the final episode aired, Friends is still madly popular. If you've always dreamed as grabbing a coffee at Central Perk or lounging at Monica's apartment, this exhibition recreates some of the best-loved locations.