Charlotte Crosby: 'Holly Willoughby disapproves of me'

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  • 7 August 2015
Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby

'Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby claims she often feels belittled by other women on TV, including bubbly presenters Holly Willoughby and Emma Willis

Charlotte Crosby thinks Holly Willoughby and Emma Willis disapprove of her.

The reality TV star shot to fame on MTV's wild show 'Geordie Shore' in which she and her housemates drink, fight and sleep around and Charlotte claims she often feels belittled by other women on TV, including the bubbly presenters.

She told the Daily Star: "It's always the women on TV with kids who can't get their head around what we get up to on 'Geordie Shore'. To be honest, it makes me feel a bit belittled.

"I remember sitting on the panel of 'Celebrity Juice' with Holly Willoughby and she said to me, 'So is your mum OK with everything you do on telly?' and I replied, 'Well it's not like I'm murdering anyone,' at which point she looked totally disapproving."

And things didn't go much better with 'Celebrity Big Brother' host Emma.

Charlotte - who memorably wet the bed on the show which she won in 2011 - said: "I'll always remember the reaction I got after walking to meet Emma. I said to her, 'I'm so scared, I'm s***ting myself,' and she looked at me really weirdly. I instantly felt like she didn't like me."

Meanwhile, Charlotte has claimed that the upcoming series of 'Geordie Shore' will be the wildest yet.

She said: "Zante was crazy, the nightlife is much wilder than Magaluf or Newcastle. People really go for it.

"We loved it out there. I don't think I was sober for six weeks. It's going to be a really fun series."

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