Katie Hopkins banned from filming outside

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  • 6 August 2015
Katie Hopkins leaving Loose Women

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has been banned from filming her TV show outside over concerns the controversial star might be attacked by members of the public

Katie Hopkins has been banned from filming her TV show outside.

The 40-year-old TV personality wanted to film video chats with members of the public for her new show 'If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World', but health and safety representatives rejected the idea as they were scared she may be targeted by people who hate her.

A show source revealed: "Katie wanted to give the show an extra dimension by going out and about.

"But she was told they were worried she'd get attacked so wouldn't agree to insure her."

And the team behind the show were so afraid for her safety they enforced strict checks for audience members in the studio in case they had brought weapons to injure the controversial journalist.

The source told the Daily Star newspaper: "They were checking for weapons. They know Katie's opinions have made her unpopular so didn't want to take any chances."

Katie - who finished second in 'Celebrity Big Brother' earlier this year - has teased viewers can expect her to be just as outspoken as usual in the first episode, which will be broadcast on TLC at 10pm this evening (06.08.15) and will feature guests Gemma Collins and Liz Jones.

Speaking about the programme, she said: "I think it's quite fierce. People are looking for a voice. We appreciate there is no longer a way of telling it like it is. There is a restriction on British people having a British sense of humour. I think this show brings that back."

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