Kym Marsh: Sarah Harding critics 'a bit harsh'

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  • 4 August 2015
Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh

Kym Mars has admitted she thinks people who have criticised Sarah Harding's guest stint on 'Coronation Street' have been a "bit harsh"

Kym Marsh thinks Sarah Harding's critics have been "a bit harsh".

The former Girls Aloud singer's guest appearance on 'Coronation Street' was slated by fans and critics, but the 38-year-old actress insists Sarah had a tough job in appearing alongside such well-loved stars.

Kym said: "Sarah Harding has had a right slating for her performance as Joni Preston on 'Corrie'.

"I feel for her as it's hard for anyone to come into a long-running TV show with such well-loved characters.

"Sarah's first scene was with Rita in The Kabin and of course she's going to be compared with actors like that.

"Don't forget, she was probably nervous too. I know I was when I came into the show. She's come in as a guest artist and I think the way people have been so vocal has been a bit harsh."

And Kym admires the way Sarah hasn't let the criticism upset her.

She added to OK! magazine: "'Corrie' is such a cult show and there are many die-hard fans who have watched it for years - when someone new comes in there are always going to be people who are unsure about them.

"She seems to be handling it okay though, and has been tweeting that she was chuffed with her debut.

"She's taken it on the chin and got on with it, which is what you have to do."

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