Cilla Black didn't want to live past the age of 75

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  • 3 August 2015
Cilla Black

Cilla Black

Cilla Black revealed in an interview last year that she didn't want to live past the age of 75 if it meant she would become a burden to her family and friends

Cilla Black didn't want to live past the age of 75.

The late 'Blind Date' host - who passed away aged 72 on the weekend - admitted she didn't want to become a burden to her family by living into her late 70s and 80s in an interview she gave last year.

She said: "Seventy-five is a good age to go, I still think that way. If things are starting to drop off - like the hearing - and I've got twinges in the morning, I do think that."

However, the 'Anyone Who Had A Heart' singer - who had three sons, Robert, Ben and Jack with her late husband Bobby Willis - confessed Robert wanted her to live for as long as possible.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "But secretly I don't want to linger. I don't want to be a burden on anybody. I know 75 is only four years away but I take each days as I find it."

Cilla revealed it was seeing her mother struggle with illnesses including osteoporosis in her final years that made her want to die at a relatively young age.

Speaking about returning to her home town of Liverpool to visit her mum, Cilla said last year: "She said to me once, 'I'm trying to die but I can't.' Oh God, it was heart-breaking. The brain was great but the body wasn't.

"Eventually she did die when she 84. It wasn't a good experience. I think that's what made me feel like this. My biggest fear is going like that when I can't control my body."

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