Cilla Black found dead by son Robert

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  • 3 August 2015
Cilla and Robert

Cilla Black with her son Robert

Cilla Black was reportedly found dead by her eldest son Robert when he was forced to kick her door down when she failed to wake up from an afternoon nap

Cilla Black's son Robert discovered her body after kicking down her bedroom door when she failed to wake from an afternoon nap.

The 'Anyone Who Had A Heart' singer died aged 72 in her home in Spain on the weekend and it's now been reported her 45-year-old son Robert was the one to find her body.

A source close to the inquiry said: "Cilla's son found her lying face upwards in a solarium-style sun terrace next to her bedroom.

"There's no conclusive autopsy results yet but the main theory right now is that she had a dizzy turn after going from an air-conditioned room into the midday heat and losing her balance."

The 'Blind Date' host - who also had sons Ben and Jack with her late husband Bobby Willis - is believed to have suffered a fall and medical examiners will reportedly look closely at marks on her right arm and elbow.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the source added: "The marks she's got are consistent with a fall where she's put an arm as a defence mechanism.

"What needs to be determined now is why she fell and whether it was indeed to do with the sudden change in temperature and the effect that had on her - which seems the most likely scenario at the moment - or whether something else triggered the collapse.

"Midday temperatures on Saturday in the area were in the high eighties and we know Cilla wasn't in the best of health.

"More tests may be necessary after the autopsy to get to the bottom of what's really happened.

"There's no evidence to link Cilla's death to any criminal act but police and courts generally like to keep an open mind on things.

"The possibility she fell because she was confronted on the terrace by a would-be burglar has also been looked at and not yet excluded although it is not being seen as a probable scenario."

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