Sigma: Kanye's controversial but he makes the world more interesting

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 3 August 2015


Sigma think Kanye West is "OK" with their single 'Nobody to Love' sampling his song 'Bound 2' because he hasn't said anything about it

Sigma have "a lot of respect" for Kanye West.

The British drum and bass duo - Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie, both 28 - sampled the 'All Day' rapper's song 'Bound 2' on their first chart-topping single 'Nobody to Love' and although he didn't "reach out directly" they think he was "Ok with it".

Asked if Kanye gave them any feedback on their track, which did better than the original, Joe said: "He didn't reach out to us directly, though his team did ask us to do something with him at Wireless. But we were filming the video for 'Changing' in Miami, so we couldn't."

Cameron told Fabulous magazine: "We've got a lot of respect for him as an artist - look at what he's achieved. He's controversial, but he makes the world more interesting."

Meanwhile, asked about the progress of their forthcoming debut LP 'Life', Joe previously told BANG Showbiz: "Apart from tying up the final loose ends on the album, we haven't had much time to get into the studio and do any brand new bits, but we're trying to get everything finished and trying to work out who the features on the new singles are going to be. We've got the tracks written, but we're just working out who will sound best on them at the moment."

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