Comedy books for Christmas

Comedy editor Brian Donaldson nominates some top titles

Norma Farnes Box 18: The Unpublished Spike Milligan (HarperCollins) Named after the file into which the Goon would stick his ideas, this loving biog comes from his long-suffering agent.

Mark Thomas As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela (Ebury Press) The socially aware comic takes aim at the arms industry and concludes that those dabbling in the trade may not actually be three-headed, child-eating monsters but it shouldn’t be forgotten that their work still has disastrous results on humanity.

Neil Brandwood Victoria Wood: The Biography (Virgin) As the country’s favourite dinner lady returns to the small screen in non-comedy roles, this is a timely republishing of her life story.

Mike O’Brien & Bruce Dessau The Best Stand-Up and Comedy Routines (Constable) With an accompanying CD, this clunkily-titled book features some legendary moments from the likes of Bill Hicks, Eddie Izzard and Arnold Brown.

Peter Kay The Sound of Laughter (Century) The autobiography of the country’s most loved comic. According to those who love him.

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