Katie Hopkins could be 'paralysed' by brain surgery

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  • 1 August 2015
Katie Hopkins leaving Loose Women

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins "could end up paralysed" by her planned open-brain surgery later this year which she admitted she is fearful about

Katie Hopkins "could end up paralysed" by brain surgery.

The controversial TV personality and writer is set to undergo open-brain surgery later this year in a bid to cure her of her epilepsy but has confessed she is terrified about the operation as there is a very real chance she could end up unable to move or even dead.

She said: "The part they need to take out [og my brain] for me is in deep. This is the fear, it makes me sweat just thinking about it.

"There's a 40 per cent chance I could get rid of it altogether. But there's a 20 per cent chance I would lose my left arm or leg - I could end up paralysed.

"There's also a one per cent chance I will die."

The 40-year-old contended columnist - who originally rose to fame as a candidate on 'The Apprentice' and finished second in the latest series of 'Celebrity Big Brother' - admitted she has had to face the facts she could die during the surgery and had an upsetting conversation with her 50-year-old husband Mark and her doctor about leaving behind her three children, India, 11, Poppy, 10, and Maximillian, six.

She said: "We're trying to ask big questions about life. Is 11, 10 and six the right age? If I don't make it, is that the right age to leave them?"

And ahead of the launch of her new TV show 'If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World' on TLC, Katie confessed she is much more anxious than she lets people believe.

She told The Sun newspaper: "There are billboards up around saying, 'If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World' to promote my TV show.

"But then there's actually just this tiny squeaky person who has to have an operation and has a big fear."

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