Mad Men auctions off costumes, furniture and props

Mad Men auction lets viewers live like Don Draper at home

Bid on Peggy and Joan's lunch menus and bills

Nearly 1,400 items are being auctioned by Screenbid, including Don Draper's suits and his wife's pill bottles from the final episode

Here's a question for Mad Men fans: how many times have you wanted to be teleported into the show's universe? To be able to wear their vintage clothes and accessories? Well, you now have a chance to do exactly that.

Screenbid, an online source for real film and TV objects, is auctioning off 1,384 exclusive pieces that have featured in Mad Men's seven seasons, including one of Don Draper's elegant suits, Peggy Olsen's handbag and Betty Draper's slippers.

If you're looking for something a bit more unconventional, the auction also allows you to bid on Peggy and Joan's lunch menus and bills, notebooks and cheques from the famous advertising agency Sterling Cooper, light fixtures, Betty Draper's pill bottles from the final episode and even Don's silver cadillac.

The sale starts today, Fri 31 Jul, at 5pm UK time, and ends on 6 Aug at the same time. Starting bids are as low as $50 (£32).

Check out Screenbid's Mad Men auction catalogue.

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