Everything we know about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Everything we know about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

It's not a prequel, ok?

Information about the West End Play, from tickets sales to the team involved

So there we were, watching our inbox for a letter from Hogwarts just like any other day (yes, they'd probably be done over e-mail nowadays), when something else pops up: the news that tickets for the official Harry Potter stage play will go on sale in Autumn. Now that we know when we need to save up all our sickles, galleons and knuts by, let's take a closer look at everything we know so far about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Go on then, what is it?
Well, since you asked so nicely, we'll tell you: it's a West End play, created as a collaborative effort between J K Rowling, writer Jack Thorne, director John Tiffany and producer Sonia Friedman, telling a new Harry Potter story.

Ah, right. So it's a sequel?

A prequel?
NO. J K Rowling would like you all to know, it's definitely not a prequel.

Well then, what is it?
A brand new story altogether, although the details are being kept under wraps.

Ah right. Where can I see it?
The play will take place at the Palace Theatre in London's West End.

Your enthusiasm is appreciated, but cool your boots. The play doesn't open until next summer, and no exact date has been confirmed as yet. As soon as we hear anything, we'll send an owl to let you know.

Why are people interested?
Because Harry Potter is excellent, obviously. The Harry Potter novels sold over 450 million copies worldwide, and went on to be made into eight hugely successful films. If that doesn't prove how much the world needs Harry Potter, what does?