Love Island's Hannah and Jon want a 'gangsta' wedding

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  • 31 July 2015
Hannah Elizabeth

Hannah Elizabeth

'Love Island' couple Jonathan Clark and Hannah Elizabeth have revealed their wedding plans

'Love Island' couple Hannah Elizabeth and Jonathan Clark want a "gangsta"-themed wedding.

The 25-year-old glamour model and the 25-year-old Essex boy - who got engaged six weeks after choosing each other as their partners on the first day of the ITV2 reality show - have insisted they're going to have "the biggest wedding ever", but not until 2017.

Hannah said: "It's going to be the biggest wedding ever, especially as it's Liverpool and Essex coming together. I want a gangsta theme. I love rap! We want to wait a while so we can plan it. We want hundreds of people so it's going to take a long time."

Jon added: "Hannah will be planning it all - she'll have the ropes, the reins, everything! We've said at Christmas we'll start thinking about it. If it's not late next year it will probably be 2017."

The reality TV couple - who came second on the show to Max Morley and Jess Hayes - also revealed they want their 'Love Island' co-stars to be involved in the ceremony too. However, they don't want Naomi Ball there, after she tried it on with three different men on the show, including Jon.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Hannah said: "I wouldn't want Naomi there. She was trying to move in on my man! She's a little snake. I'd love Lauren (Richardson) to be a bridesmaid, and Jess and Zoe (Basia Brown). I want loads of bridesmaids, like, literally a million!"

Jon added: "Josh (Ritchie) will be one of my ushers, too."

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