Matt Lucas' inspirational letter to young alopecia sufferer

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  • 29 July 2015
Jacob's letter from Matt

Jacob Fitzpatrick's letter from Matt Lucas

Matt Lucas set an inspirational handwritten letter to 10-year-old Jacob Fitzpatrick, who also suffers from alopecia, after his mother reached out to him

Matt Lucas sent an inspirational handwritten letter to a young alopecia sufferer.

The 'Little Britain' star - who has suffered from the same chronic hair loss himself since he was just six years old - reached out to 10-year-old Jacob Fitzpatrick shortly after his mother got in touch with him on behalf of her son.

Speaking to Airbnb about his condition as part of their new 'Airbnb Daily Kindness Bulletin', Jacob said: "I didn't know why it was happening or anything like that, so I didn't really know what to do. I was scared people would judge me, or stare at me."

Jacob's mother, Sarah Fitzpatrick, wrote to Matt - who stars in the 10-year-old's favourite show, 'Come Fly With Me' - after he had been diagnosed with alopecia.

Explaining how the 41-year-old comedian's touching note gave her son a much-needed confidence boost, Sarah said: "To actually write that note which was really personal to Jacob and obviously personal to him as well, really showed what sort of person he is and how kind he is."

Although he still occasionally experiences bald patches and mild hair loss, Jacob believes the letter helped to get him on the road to recovery and has now almost completely overcome the condition.

He added: "Thank you to Matt Lucas for helping me through this alopecia and boosting my confidence."

Airbnb has launched the 'Airbnb Daily Kindness Bulletin' to remind people of man's kindness despite 67% of Britons believing that man is becoming more unkind.

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