Amy Winehouse's 'weird' payday

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  • 25 March 2008

Amy Winehouse's 'weird' payday

Amy Winehouse has been offered £350,000 to perform at the "world's weirdest club".

The troubled 'Rehab' singer is set to pocket the large sum after being asked to sing at the September opening night of Watt club in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The unique venue is powered entirely by human energy.

Owner Aryan Tieleman confirmed: "It is as good as certain."

A source explained how the venue will operate, telling Britain's The Sun newspaper: "The energy will come from urine and sweat from the visitors. Toilets will be flushed by rainwater.

"The club is set in the biggest drugs circuit in Holland. It is so out there it might even shock Amy."

Meanwhile, Amy is set to buy Wheeler End Studios at Huckenden Farm, in Berkshire, England, for £3 million.

The famous recording studio has played host to numerous musicians, including Oasis, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Robbie Williams.

The five-acre property has been put on the market and Amy has already booked a viewing.

Suzanne Lee Barnes - who owns the 16th century home, which boasts six-bedrooms and two studios, with boyfriend Geoff Coupland - said: "What I want more than anything is to see it sold to someone who intends to carry on using it as a recording studio."

The pair decided to sell-up after Oasis stopped recording there.

Geoff explained: "Oasis have been with us for seven years. I think it was time to move on. Bands are always looking for new inspiration."

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