Sally Dynevor loves clubbing in Ibiza

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  • 27 July 2015
Sally Dynevor

Sally Dynevor

Sally Dynevor has revealed she and her girlfriends go clubbing in Ibiza every year and she loves the time away from her family

Sally Dynevor goes clubbing in Ibiza every year.

The 'Coronation Street' actress enjoyed a trip to the party island for her 50th birthday two years ago, and she had such a great time hanging out with her pals, they have made the holiday an annual event.

She said: "I love having girlie weekends and for my 50th birthday some of the mums from school took me to Ibiza. We enjoyed it so much we now go back every year.

"I love the fact I'm doing it now, rather than when I was younger because you look at it in a different way. When you're young and do the clubbing thing, it's quite serious, but when you're older it's just a bit of fun and I can take it or leave it.

"And we don't just go clubbing. I enjoy nice walks in the old town and just being with the girls and being able to chat about things you don't normally get a chance to talk about at home."

Sally - who has children Phoebe, 20, Samuel, 18, and 11-year-old Hattie with husband Tim Dynevor - didn't mind turning 50, but struggled when she turned 40 and thinks being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 changed her outlook on life.

She told Woman magazine: "Turning 50 was much easier for me than turning 40. That seemed a really big thing.

"Now, as I['m getting older, I'm quite enjoying it. After what I've been through with my health, I think it's made me appreciate every moment of my life.

"I was always quite a positive person but now when people talk about age, I'm just grateful I'm here. Age is not a big thing to me in the way it was when I was 40."

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