Jasmin Walia: I can 'relate to' TOWIE's Verity Chapman

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 July 2015
Jasmin Walia

Jasmin Walia

Jasmin Walia has admitted she can "relate" to 'The Only Way Is Essex''s new girl Verity Chapman, despite getting on the wrong side of her friend Danielle Armstrong

Jasmin Walia can "relate to" 'Verity Chapman.

'The Only Way Is Essex''s new girl has already got on the wrong side of most of the cast - most notably Danielle Armstrong - however the 25-year-old former 'TOWIE' star has admitted she likes her, despite being close friends with Danielle.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Jasmin said: "(Verity) is trying to be the strong girl who doesn't take c**p from boys and actually I'm the same person and exactly like that. I can talk to boys and girls seem to misinterpret it. I relate to her in that sense."

Verity came into the ITVBe reality TV show surrounded by rumours she'd slept with Danielle's ex-boyfriend James Lock on a night out with Vas J. Morgan and Lauren Pope, and flirted with him in front of her too.

While Verity denied she'd done anything wrong, and claimed she didn't know about the couple's history, Jasmin isn't so sure if she's telling the truth.

She said: "I think (Verity) is great, but my loyalties will always lie with Danielle and I think she would have known about her and Lockie because she would have checked magazines everyday and you would have seen it in all the papers and wherever."

Jasmin added she hopes Lockie and Dani - who broke up in June after two years together - get back together, as she thinks "they're a really good couple".

The Asian beauty - who is now starring in Sky 1's 'Desi Rascals' - said: "I hope they do (get back together) because I think they're a really good couple, I've known them from the start. I hope they work it out."

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