Jedward want to go 'head-to-head' on Strictly Come Dancing

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 July 2015


Jedward have confessed they want to compete "head-to-head" on 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Jedward want to go "head-to-head" on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The 23-year-old twins - John and Edward Grimes - have confessed they're "waiting" to be asked to compete in the BBC dance contest, but would compete against each other rather than as one contestant.

Edward said: "Seriously, every year we get asked if we're doing 'Strictly Come Dancing', and we're like, 'Hello! Still here waiting!'

"We'd be going up against each other. We'd be John Grimes from Jedward and Edward Grimes from Jedward. We'd be going head-to-head, like 'you're going down', 'no you're going down', and then John's voted out and I win the show!"

The former 'X Factor' contestants added they think they'd end up getting "married" to their professional dance partners if they took part in 'Strictly', but also have the capacity to "do all the shows".

Speaking to BT TV, John said: "I think we could do all the shows, like there's so much preparation to get ready for them, but I think we;d have to make sure we had the best dance partners, and then we'd go out and we'd end up getting married or something."

Edward added he thinks he'd win 'Strictly' because he already has "fan groups" for his hips.

He said: "I think onstage we move our hips a lot. I have fan groups for my hips, and I'm like, 'Yeah, good still shaking!'"

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