Interview - David Sillars

David Sillars

Alexander Kennedy talks to David Sillars about his new work on show at the Glasgow Theosophical Society

Alexander Kennedy Can you tell us briefly about your new work?

David Sillars Well it’s an evolving show; the pictures and the installation will be changing. Most of the pieces just now are about that continuing enquiry into our experience of consciousness in the landscape, the way light and form affect us emotionally. Some of the paintings are, broadly speaking, non-objective, about paint itself, but the motif, which is always an emerging symbolism of some kind, comes about in the processes of making the work.

AK Why did you decide to exhibit at the Theosophical Society?

DS I’d already had work in the space. A few years ago, after I came back from Nepal, I’d been in a Tibetan monastery and someone asked to me to paint a Tibetan iconographic piece. It’s something I’d researched over many years. So that was there, and I have associations with the Society, it made sense to me to present my work in that environment because spirituality is very important to me.

AK What are your plans for this space?

DS Well that’s hard! Basically I have lots of plans, a salon or something. I want to have more shows here, it doesn’t have to have any spiritual thing going on, but we’re planning some talks, maybe performances or workshops. We have a meditation study group running now: Dzogchen Study Group. There’s an opportunity for working out of the mainstream, spiritually and artistically, but we need support. I keep quoting Rexroth’s thing about ‘against the ruin of the world, the creative act is the sole defence’ – I think it’s my motto, so anything we do in the space will reflect that. But it’s open. It’s for everyone.

Glasgow Theosophical Society, 9 Queen’s Crescent, until Fri 18 Apr.

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