Off the Wall

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Sat 9 Dec 2006-Mon 28 May 2007


Off the Wall - Group Show

The guiding curatorial principle of this show is to demonstrate how contemporary artists have removed their art from the gallery walls and plinths and relocated it on the floor or ceiling or, indeed, in other more ‘democratic’ situations, with artists on show including Jim Lambie, Nathan Coley, Mona Hatoum and David Mach.

Martin Creed (who won the Turner prize in 2001) believes that art audiences should experience a fuller physical involvement with his work. His ‘Work No. 370: Balls’ consists (as its ambiguous title suggests) of numerous balls of varying sizes and colours which are allowed to move freely on the gallery floor while viewers walk in and around the artwork. It’s the welcome opposite of the ‘Don’t Touch’ mentality, which denies full sensory participation in many works of art.

Christine Borland (also showing at The Fruitmarket Gallery) will also be exhibited, giving the viewer a welcome chance to see her ‘Spirit Collection: Hippocrates, 1999’. Borland has suspended 100 glass vessels from the ceiling, each of which contain a bleached and preserved leaf from a specific tree. The tree in question is to be found at Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow and is allegedly grown from seeds of the original plane tree in Greece under which Hippocrates taught in the fifth century BC.

Although most of this work has been shown before (some of it at the same time) this should make a thought provoking and visually exciting ensemble.

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