Alex Jones: We've set a date for wedding

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 July 2015
Alex and Charlie

Alex Jones with her fiance Charlie Thompson

The One Show presenter Alex Jones has set a date for wedding to New Zealander Charlie Thomson and confessed that her mum is doing all the planning

Alex Jones has set a date for her wedding to fiance Charlie Thomson.

The 38-year-old presenter got engaged in February and has decided on a time and place for her big day but admitted that she hasn't had time to do much of the planning herself.

She said: "We have set a date and we're looking at venues in Wales. Charlie and I aren't that organised, so my mum's doing a lot of the planning.

Though the Welsh beauty didn't reveal the exact date, she confessed she and the city broker from New Zealand connected over their similar up-bringing and views on life.

She said: "Friends and family are important to me and Charlie. We've been brought up in similar ways and have the same morals about things, which is important.

"Our mums are very similar. When I went to visit Charlie's parents in New Zealand for the first time, I saw his mum at the airport and from a distance she looked like mine. They even have the same sofa!"

And to keep dress-ready for the wedding - Alex has been practising barre - a form of ballet-based pilates workouts.

'The One Show' presenter told Fit & Well magazine: "Even after I'd only been to two [barre] classes I noticed the difference, especially in my abs and legs."

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